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09/28/2018 – zhigawang2

Posted by jeel on September 28, 2018

Conclusion: Recommended especially for first time buyers. Kaiyu feels like a close friend, a patient mentor and a professional teacher to us. Reasons: 1) Attitude Kaiyu has been very nice since the first time we have met. She would like to start the process by understanding the buyer’s needs and requirements. You can expect a smile on her face at all times. Kaiyu has been quite patient during the process as well. We spent a extremely long time (for 10 months+) in house searching. We spent 3 months looking for townhouses, and another 3 months for SFH. Kaiyu is always there for us and spends lots of time with us on open houses (30+ open houses), without any complains. Instead of rushing you to biding/buying, she would always explain the pros/cons of the target house and help you to make decision based on statistics. 2) Profession With engineering background and years of experience, she is a very professional agent. She would explain everything to you in a nice way to make sure you will have a smooth path in house buying process. To be honest, our buying preferences has been affected a lot by Kaiyu, in a good way. For first time buyers, you can learn a quite a lot for kaiyu especially for those who has tons of questions. 3) Connection She has good connection with other agents/lenders/contractors/etc. This is definitely a plus πŸ™‚

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