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09/26/2018 – nmcquay

Posted by jeel on September 26, 2018

This was my first home purchase. I was very reluctant to even start the process, because of some horror stories I’d heard from friends in the area. Eventually I talked to a friend who had a great experience. His experience was much smoother than any of the experiences my other friends had gone through. I was still a little reluctant but he referred me to Kaiyu. I met with Kaiyu. I wasn’t completely sure what I was looking for at first, but she walked me through the different things I needed to think about and how the process typically works. She listened to my rough requirements and we started looking at properties. After looking at a few places my requirements evolved and started to become a little clearer. Kaiyu kept adjusting as I figured out what I was interested in. There was one place I looked at that I was pretty interested in. Kaiyu mentioned some things about the area that I was not aware of, and kept me from making a mistake. There was one other place that I was interested in, but didn’t really like the location. Kaiyu found similar places in a better location. I liked a few of these places and decided I wanted to make an offer. I was a little nervous about the offer process, because I’d seen so many examples of homes selling for way above their list price and it sounded like the process could drag on for a while. Kaiyu sent the initial offer, then handled all the negotiations with the seller until they accepted. It all happened over a couple of hours and we were able to come in under the list price on the property I wanted. I did not expect that to happen. I thought I’d have to move my focus to some other property, but Kaiyu made it happen. After the offer was accepted I had to figure out a bunch of loan things really quickly. It was pretty much an information overload situation. There were a lot of calls and information flying around from multiple parties. There were a few points where things didn’t seem quite right and I asked Kaiyu about them. She replied immediately every time and either confirmed that things weren’t quite right or helped resolve whatever confusion I had at the time. It was extremely useful being able to ask Kaiyu these questions and knowing I had someone other than the lenders I could ask questions to. Even after everything was wrapping up and Kaiyu was still extremely responsive and willing to help with anything. Kaiyu made what could have been a very stressful process a lot less stressful. I’m glad my friend recommended her, and I would gladly recommend her to anyone else.

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