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03/13/2017 – i jerry king

Posted by jeel on March 13, 2017

I worked with my agent Kaiyu and I bought my first house in a super-hot market in less than 3 months (including Dec and Jan when usually there are not many houses on sale). I am very impressed for various reasons as follows: – She is a superb communicator/negotiator: in market like in Bay area, buyers usually don’t have much power in terms of negotiation, which IMO, is exactly the case that separates a great buyer agent from ordinary ones. Every time we went to open houses, she had constant communicated with sellers, and provides us tons of real-time updates during the process. Can’t imagine how we would make decision without those. The one we bought finally there were at least 7 competing offers, and it took 2 days for the seller to decide and it was a very close call. But we ended up winning the contract. Needless to say, that’s because of her dedication and great communication with the other party. Oh, she usually gets back to my message/email, in seconds (yes, not hours/days). Another great example is during the closing, there were some issues with some paperwork, which caused some delay (2-3 days). It was because Kaiyu’s continuous push, that the title made quick progress to resolve it without more issues. And also, she managed to ask seller to agree to pay us credit to compensate for the delay, which we didn’t even expect. – She is very knowledgable and kind: she knows almost everything from mortgage, buying/listing, house renovation, etc. Every time we went to open houses (and there are scattering around in everywhere), she patiently explained the location, the schools, and walked through every details of the house and pointed out hard-to-see issues. Also, for each house, she would suggest renovation plans, and provides estimate of the cost, which are extremely useful (you will have to decide how much more effort/money you would have to put into the house), and IMO, would requires years of experience and knowledge – She is very dedicated and efficient. She went to see all open houses in-person as we’re interested in; and there were many (lost track of numbers; especially some of them, we both know that it was not likely to be our target. She patiently explained all the pros/cons, but never once pushed us to make commitment. There are couple of times we asked her to squeeze in some listings (not open to public; so coordination with seller in advance is always needed) into our schedule the next day, and she always got it done without any delay.

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